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2015 Anime Beta Sketch Awards Voting Period Ends Tomorrow!
last modified: Friday, January 30, 2015 (9:39:28 AM CST)

Just a reminder that the last chance to vote in the Beta Awards is tomorrow. People who aren't sure they voted in all the categories should contact Jadeduo(thread author) by email or beta PM asap.

Those who have accounts here but not on beta, I highly encourage you to participate in this fun yearly event(it's too late to enter but at least check out and vote for the entries this year!).
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Anime-Beta Annual Sketch Contest 2014/2015 - Accepting Entries Now!
last modified: Friday, January 09, 2015 (1:23:33 AM CST)
In case anyoneís interested, anime-beta is having its annual sketch contest this month.

For categories, contest rules and submissions just click the link below.


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Going on 10 + 1 years!
last modified: Wednesday, November 05, 2014 (10:28:31 PM CST)
Time sure does fly. Seriously, I didnít even notice that I hit my 10 year mark last year until I decided to scroll down on my RS site ^_^í . Canít believe that Iím still interested in this hobby. I guess my fellow collectors are stuck with me for a couple more years, though, Iím not as addicted as I used to be. I wasnít the most vocal of all the collectors so I want to thank everyone on this site & beta for all the info related to production art(especially about the doís and doníts for preservation) and helping me expand my collection. It kinda saddens me to see some collections/galleries being dispersed as the years go by(I know I know, this is how the great circle of art goes) and how since late 2000ish the amount of chatter has lowered on forums, beta especially. However, I noticed that as usual, with the low amount of traffic and posting, the flame wars and some of the public drama went along with it(or at least being put on the sidelines).

Now on to gallery related info. For starters, I want to apologize for the lack of commentary on my part for most of my uploads. Believe me I have lots to comment on all of my pieces, wether itís about the scene itself or me making up some kind of quirky 1 liner, but the new RS format is being difficult(really sucks I canít change the thumbnails for the old uploadsÖ). I also have an offline inventory system so I mostly keep all of my items on there. Iíve been on the fence about making my own website for months now so maybe, in a few more monthsÖ

Anyway, I still have a LOTS to add including my 1st shikishi purchase and a recent mandarake purchase that Iím still debating about uploading ^_^í. Oh yes lets not forget bout those ABAís that I actually managed to win(just looking for the file I saved them in).
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