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When I was watching an episode in this series, I kept asking myself,? Where are their noses?? I know it?s the art style for the series, but I found this design choice to be a bit awkward; especially after finding out that Eva and the rest of the Earth team members are humans. Needless to say, I enjoyed watching the complete series. It focuses on the development of Eva, a strong competent young lady with a tragic past. The other characters are just as unique and easy to relate to. I consider the ending for the series, while thankfully unexpected, upsetting. I especially enjoyed the Japanese/French (composed by Yoko Kanno) and American music intros chosen for the series. I also want to note that from here on I?m referring Eva as Molly in the comments sections since it?s the name the characters know her as for most of the series.

Above is the trailer for the series titled "Molly Star Racer". No need to worry about spoilers here ^_~. It also has a song sung by Ayumi Hamasaki, the same singer for the third Inu-Yasha endng song "Dearest".


 Molly Thinking

 Molly In The Drivers Seat

 Aikka Aiming

 Prince Aikka

 Prince Aikka Shocked

 Jordan In The Gun Turrets

 Don Wei

 Molly and Satis

 Don and Maya rough

 Maya and Don

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