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This section is basically for series that I either only wanted roughly a handful of art from or art from the series is rare so I only have like 1 item from it.

 Ushio & Tora - Group

 Vision of Escaflowne - Group

 Battle Arena Toshinden - Eiji

 Arc the Lad - Elc

 Sailor Moon R - Usagi

 Escaflowne: A Girl in Gaea - Hitomi and Van

 Card Captor Sakura - Group

 Card Captor Sakura - Nakaru

 Fushigi Yugi - Hotohori

 Inu Yasha Movie 1 - Inu Yasha

 Midori No Hibi - Midori & Seiji

 Maze - Young Chic and Gorgeous

 Saber Marionette R - Lime Junior

 Zatch Bell - Kiyo and Zatch

 Street Fighter II Movie - Ken

 Street Fighter Alpha - Ken Ryu

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Gallery Created: 6/3/2003
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